Diversity and Inclusion

Cima is a women-owned company. It has always been within our vision and a personal goal to contribute to the empowerment of women in any way we can.
That’s why, we have specially nurtured our network of women in the IT industry, to help promote and drive more inclusive and diverse working environments.

We firmly believe that diversity is necessary for any company to stay competitive and build high performing teams.

Partnering with ADA

We have teamed up with ADA ITW to help women who are starting their careers in IT get a good headstart. ADA’s mission is to train and teach future IT professionals and coach them to start their careers. Through Cima, your company can give one of their graduates a life-changing opportunity.

ADA’s Mission

At ADA we want to reduce the long-standing gender gap in the IT industry by empowering women in technology. We carry out intensive training both in programming and soft skills and later support our graduates on their job search.


We help clients identify the types of diverse talent missing on their organization or teams.
We help them bridge the gaps in their culture by building a hiring plan that can achieve that goal and recruit the right individuals to do so.

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