Android Developer

You will work with a team of experienced engineers to improve and evolve our current product, which is gathering data from 100M+ devices already, from partners like Wish, Goat and Cameo.

What We Believe is Important for this role:

  • The ability to write rock-solid Java and Kotlin code
  • A great understanding of the esoteric and ever-evolving challenges that Android can throw your way
  • An awesome communicator who is able to interact with customers with a wide range of skill levels

What you have:

  • At least 3 years of experience with Java
  • A good understanding of Kotlin
  • Exceptional communication skills

Things that would be great, but aren’t required:

  1. You have previously worked on an SDK
  2. You have experience with non-native frameworks such as React Native
  3. You have OSS contributions to Android projects
  4. You are active in places where people talk about Android tech challenges, like Stack Overflow and Reddit

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