Back-end Engineer (Python | Go)

You will work on cutting edge features, like time-based databases, distributed on-device AI, deep data insights, and more — to ensure our customers have the data and tools they need to build amazing applications. Your role will be up to you based on your interests – so Backend, Frontend, DB, or any and all.

You will work with a team of experienced engineers to improve and evolve our current product, which is gathering data from 100M+ devices already from Wish, Goat, Cameo and many other apps.

What We Believe is Important for this role:

  • The ability to write rock-solid Java, Python, React, and/or GoLang
  • A love of Star Wars and Marvel (or DC, I guess)
  • A desire to always keep improving their code

What you have:

  • Must have BS or BSE in CS, Engineering or Math
  • Must live or be willing to move to the Los Angeles area
  • Experience with one of Java, React, Python, GoLang, Objective-C, C#, Swift, or Kotlin
  • Exceptional communication skills

Things that would be great, but aren’t required:

  • You have previously worked on a mobile app
  • You are active in places where people talk about tech challenges, like Stack Overflow and Reddit

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