Financial / Quantitative Analyst


Strategic and Transactional

  • Drive financial analysis and strategic initiatives
  • Quantitative analysis of profitability & risk, thesis and event type
  • Drive financial analysis & operational due diligence for GP investments & Special Situations
  • Drive tax strategy for funds and GP, optimizing UG, RG, and deferrals
  • Drive creation of tax-sensitive product strategies – engineering appropriate partnership structures.

Manage, Analyze & Optimize Fund Operations

  • Commissions & trade cost analysis (TCA) & optimization
  • Optimize Box (long / short) positions
  • Optimize interest income & costs vs excess risk margin
  • Hard-to-Borrow costs management & optimization


  • Strong Numerical skills and instincts
  • Strong Financial knowledge & instincts
  • Strong data science / analysis skills
  • Good software skills (python, SQL) a plus


  • Degree in Math, Engineering, Business, Economics
  • MBA a plus, but not needed
  • Experience at a investment fund, family office, real estate firm, management consulting or investment bank

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