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NodeJS Backend Engineer

Role Summary
This engineering position will be primarily responsible for crafting highly available,
fault-tolerant backend systems using a modern NodeJS technology stack in a
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. This critical role must work across
multiple platforms, systems, and departments in an agile environment. Strong
communication skills will be needed for this position to integrate solutions across
other engineering teams within and outside the organization, as well as work with
business stakeholders.

This position works in a cross-functional agile team and requires a strong developer
who can use her or his skills to drive cross-functional technology solutions that
meet the demands of the business. This position works closely with product
owners, business stakeholders, creatives, and scrum masters.

This position will work in a javascript-based backend architecture, building REST
services and event-based cloud functions. All work done is expected to be covered
by automated unit tests, so this position should have a strong understanding of
automated testing and test-driven development. This position requires knowledge
of building and maintaining scalable microservices and understanding cloud-native
development patterns.

Understanding deployment, code management, and cloud infrastructure is
necessary, as this position will involve cloud-based delivery and deployment of new
code and existing applications. A background in computer science principles is
helpful, as this position will be working with modern event-based microservices and
API-first headless software.
Aries Solutions is committed to delivering a world-class customer experience across
all channels. This position will help ensure our commerce applications are on the
cutting edge and become a benchmark our competitors will strive to emulate.



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