Platform Engineer

This engineering position will be primarily responsible for building and maintaining cloud infrastructure to support
E-Commerce migration projects. This critical role will need to work with Infrastructure as Code within multiple
cloud providers. Ability to create automation for builds and deployments and apply DevOps methodologies and
best practices using CI/CD processes is a must. Strong communication skills will be needed for this position to
provision infrastructure and integrate with tools that meets the needs of the project.
This position will work in a cross-functional capacity with agile development teams and requires expert knowledge
of cloud networking technologies to deploy security-focused infrastructure. Strong knowledge in monitoring and
alerting technologies is necessary to assist operations teams with identifying production issues and reduce the
mean time to resolution. This position works closely with product owners, development leads, and scrum masters.
This position will work with Terraform and various cloud provider technologies and tools. An understanding of how
to analyze cloud technology in use and provide recommendations for improvements or cost savings is a must.
An understanding of deploying infrastructure, code management with Git, and application troubleshooting is a
must. A background in computer science principles is helpful, as this position will be responsible for many facets of
an E-Commerce application including infrastructure, monitoring, security, networking, systems engineering, CI/CD,
tools integration, and more.

• Education: Four-year degree in Computer Science or an equivalent combination of course work and job
• 4-7+ years’ experience working on a platform engineering or DevOps teams – preferably in a Lean-Agile
development environment working with Infrastructure as Code.
• Display excellent communication skills to both technical and non-technical personnel.
• Helps scope engagement by providing detailed development time estimates and participating in the
scrum process (e.g., refinement, standups, etc.).
• Ability to adjust infrastructure sizing, debug infrastructure deployments, and assist with troubleshooting
applications deployed to cloud infrastructure.
• Experience working in at least one cloud provider: AWS, Azure, or GCP.
• Familiar and comfortable with Infrastructure as Code using terraform.
• Create CI/CD pipelines in at least one CI/CD build tool: Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, etc.
• Ability to work in a very fast-paced environment while managing multiple responsibilities.
• Ability and willingness to learn new technologies.
• Performs development tasks with little supervision and is self-motivated and self-directed.
• Experience with cloud resource analysis for process improvement and cost savings.
• Experienced and proficient with TCP/IP and the HTTP protocol.
• Expert knowledge of application runtime environments, like Kubernetes, virtual machines, and functions.
• Experience with monitoring technologies and log file analytics.
• Experience with systems security best practices.
• Experience with configuration management.
• Conceptual understanding of how Content Delivery Networks (CDN use caching technologies to offload
traffic and improving site performance.
• Conceptual understanding of how Web Application Firewalls (WAF) improve the security posture of a
web-accessible application.

• Knowledge of retail industry
• Experience working with Bash, Python, Ruby, or similar scripting languages.
• Experience working with E-Commerce environments.
• Experience working with edge technologies, like CDN/caching and WAF.
• Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes.
• Experience working with network ACL and security groups.
• Experience in source code management, using Git and Gitflow.
• Experience in using and knowledge of Web services and APIs.
• Experience with application performance monitoring (APM) tools.
• Ability to setup own development environment.

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