Product Manager – Blockchain

We’re looking for a top-tier Product Manager to take the lead on product development, the product roadmap and the management of the development process.


  • A great fit for this role will be someone who evaluates problems from a ‘first-principles’ mindset, is intensely curious, and cares deeply about the craftsmanship of a well-designed user experience.
  • Above all, we want the individual in this role to develop a clear understanding of our users and have that reflected in their work.
  • The ideal person for this role will create internal momentum around a product roadmap the rest of the team aligns on, making data-driven and customer-driven suggestions when changes big or small need to be implemented.
  • Relevant product management experience with demonstrated success owning key product initiatives,
  • A technical background or fluency with engineering concepts in order to clearly communicate product needs to engineers,
  • Experience conducting user interviews and translating insights from those sessions into feature ideation,
  • The ability to simplify complex tasks, both in the context of feature scope and in creating an intuitive UX for our users,
  • Experience developing a product roadmap at an early-stage company and delivering results.
  • Comfort collaborating and communicating with developers with different levels of seniority to ensure a smooth product development process
  • Experience moving new feature ideas quickly and effectively through the entire product development cycle
  • Interest in learning about new markets and business domains; blockchain knowledge is not a prerequisite for this position, but we expect the individual hired for this role to be interested and capable of ramping up quickly on this domain,
  • Advantageous) Experience working in a growth-stage startup,
  • Advantageous) Coding fluency or ability,
  • (Advantageous) Exposure through a previous role to the blockchain ecosystem,
  • (Advantageous) The ability to create simple, illustrative wireframes and mockups in Figma or other design tools to communicate ideas.

What the job involves:

  • In this role as Product Manager, you will be working with users, developers and other stakeholders and clients to ensure that we are focused on prioritizing and solving key problems with the product and addressing the most pressing opportunities to unlock product and business value.
  • You will start and lead discussions with stakeholders from various departments about new product initiatives.
  • You will be reporting directly to the CEO and working very closely with the Lead Engineer but will have ownership of key strategic product areas such as Minting processes, governance, and engagement initiatives.
  • Creating well-scoped, well-documented Product Requirements Documents to ensure maximum efficiency and buying from developers.
  • Leading on the development of a robust product roadmap, balancing business needs, new growth opportunities, and the feedback from users.
  • Working with the engineering team to plan sprints that account for necessary progress towards roadmap initiatives, and developer bandwidth.
  • Using data and analytics to inform product decisions, new features, and designing dashboards from which we can extract product insights,
  • Collecting and assimilating user research in the form of user interviews, monitoring of customer feedback channels and session data,
  • Working closely with the engineering team to ensure new features have been de-risked and scoped down to the highest-impact, lowest-effort possible
  • Iterating over design concepts with the Head of Design
  • Ensuring we only high quality work and being highly attentive to severe bugs and ensuring tracking of bugs are adequately communicated to QA
  • Building and grooming our backlog to ensure we keep track of new ideas and are scoring them for effort and impact
  • Paying close attention to the NFT and wider crypto space to ensure our product is always at the forefront of what is happening in the industry.

About the client

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people own, collect, experience, and enjoy fine art masterpieces. NFT technology and our unique process allows for the decentralization of the art collecting and ownership experience. We’re combining the best of art and blockchain expertise to build a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to own some of the world’s greatest masterpieces through collective participation in the art market.

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