Squad Manager

This is a technical leadership role, with a strong focus on team development and the projects in which the Squad is involved. The client is a cybersecurity startup from Argentina working for clients in the US.

The Squad Manager reflects the company’s s values, which they constantly convey through actions.

Additionally, the role has a significant Technical part, both for project scoping and for actively participating in ongoing projects, and adding value to the outcome of each project.

Project Involvement
Work with other Squad Managers, Customer Guardians, and Upper Management in planning the schedule (and therefore, the distribution of the team) for the next 3 months.

Daily Sync
Each Manager leads a Daily Sync lasting 30-45 minutes

Project Scoping
The Scoping process consists of:
– Review architecture and email notes provided by the team Estimate times based on the area
– Reply to emails advising potential dates, and if there are questions
– Assign people to project teams
– Assemble the corresponding team in Rocket

Active participation in Projects

Optionally, the Squad Manager can choose to actively participate in a project and use their time to:

  • Compensate for the lack of person or seniority in a project.
  • Being able to carry out an extra project, which would not be possible without your participation (due to lack of people)

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