UI Engineer – Next.js


This engineering position will be primarily responsible for crafting highly available, fault tolerant digital interfaces using a modern JavaScript technology stack. This critical role will need to work across multiple platforms, systems, and departments in an agile environment.

This position will work in a React and associated technologies (i.e., Next.js, Redux, Apollo) codebase. All work done is expected to be covered by automated unit tests, so this position should have a strong understanding of automated testing and test-driven development. This position uses mobile-first design patterns and progressive web application development. An understanding of deployment, code management, and cloud infrastructure is a must, as this position will be involved in cloud-based delivery and deployment of new code and existing applications.


  • 4-7+ years’ experience working with UI and Mobile development teams – preferably in an Agile development environment writing highly available, functional software and applications.
  • Displays excellent communication skills to both technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Helps scope engagement by providing detailed development time estimates and participating in the scrum process (e.g., refinement, standups, etc.).
  • Ability to performance tune, debug, and troubleshoot medium to large scale client-side and Node based web applications.
  • Experience working on single page applications, using JavaScript and CSS pre-compilers.
  • Familiar and comfortable with automated-tested development, writing unit cases and achieving 100% code coverage.
  • Develop web applications using mobile-first responsive design.
  • Experienced and proficient with enterprise Node.js and server-side JavaScript, with experience with ExpressJS, Apollo Server and GraphQL.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern client-side development using APIs, HTTP requests, and JSON data structures.
  • Single Page Application (SPA) experience (Angular, Vue) with experience and preference for React associated libraries and frameworks.
  • Experience with JavaScript pre-compilers (e.g., WebPack, Vite, TypeScript) and CSS pre-compilers (e.g., Sass and CSS Modules).
  • Experience with modern JavaScript development, leveraging ES6, and ES6 design patterns.
  • Conceptual understanding of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Caching, and their utility in offloading traffic and improving site performance.


  • Knowledge of retail industry
  • Experience writing unit tests in Jest.
  • Experience working with React, Redux, and Apollo Client
  • Experience working with progressive web applications.
  • Experience and understanding of cloud based infrastructure, deployment, and code management.
  • Experience working with NodeJS, ExpressJS Apollo Server and GraphQL
  • Experience working with Sass and CSS Modules.
  • Experience working with the pre-compilers WebPack and Rollup.
  • Experience in source code management, using Git and Gitflow.
  • Experience in using and knowledge of Web services and APIs.
  • Familiar with application performance monitoring, both client-side and server-side.
  • Ability to setup their own development environment.

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