Case study TruSTAR

TruSTAR is an Intelligence Management Platform that helps you operationalize data across tools and teams, helping you prioritize investigations and accelerate incident response.

How we helped

Cima is not your typical staffing agency.
We roll up our sleeves and dive into our client’s recruitment and staffing plans to align our efforts with their business goals.

TruSTAR was looking for help trying to augment, rather quickly, their team of engineers to address the increasing and upcoming workload.
Towards that goal, Cima helped them organize their different pipelines, source, and filter potential candidates. We made sure only amazing talent reached the interview with the (already busy) hiring managers. This saved them the time and effort they could spend on their day to day tasks rather than recruiting.
At a cultural level, we made sure we understood the company vibe and fine-tuned our search so that the engineers we presented were not only technically proficient but also the right fit for the current team.
Communication is essential, so to make the process seamless to everyone we used a Jira workflow to make sure our team and hiring managers were always on the same page and everyone could follow up on every candidate every step of the way. This brought transparency to the recruitment process for everyone involved and speedy results to report to the upper management.

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